Monday, January 3, 2011

Olgerd - Dagor Nuin Giliath (1999)

Apologies for the long inactivity, had some affairs to take care of. Back with some more Tolkien Ambient, Olgerd from Slovakia.

1. Swamps Of The Oblivion
2. Orcs & Goblins
3. Noble Valar
4. Angband
5. Eldar's Forest
6. Elu Thingol & Melian
7. Olgerd's Olarion
8. Ered Gorgoroth
9. Dagor Nuin Giliath

Total playing time: 22:00

Size : 29.9 MB

Download : MediaFire


  1. I've forgotten to comment this one! Well, not bad if not the best of the sort either. Anyways, it was good to see another post and looking for more!

    By the way, no luck finding the dub of the DS 7"EP still. :/

  2. Hehe, don't worry about it, I haven't really been commenting on yours either or viewing your blog often, really busy these days (as always) :( Great, I'll be uploading tons more once I take a break.

    Don't worry about it, It's a pretty difficult gem to find that's for sure, but It's alright, if you come across it elsewhere you can inform me, take your time though, and you don't really need to if it's taking too long.

    Hails comrade.

  3. thx all for good words. ... but Dagor-nuin-Giliath is second demo , and if you want listening first demo from 1998 year, go to this blog website: